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Friday, September 25, 2015

Horror Player Characters

It's time we talk about player characters, so you know exactly who the horror will be killing.

Lets start by looking at the prototype character sheet.

This is the prototype sheet so expect things to change, get re-arranged, removed, improved, etc.

At the top you've got the standard character info: Name, Age, Build, and Description. Then we get into the good stuff.
  • Archetype - Players get archetypes like Horrors do, but these are more mundane. These determine your starting skills and which skills are locked (which I will go into later). Examples include- Jock, Nerd, Loner, Socialite, Thief, Paramedic, Rookie Cop, Survivor, Witch, etc.
  • Minor Flaw - Minor Flaws, which you can have 0, 1, or 2 of, give you bonus skill points with the cost of specific negatives. Examples: Poor Eyesight (-1 skill to Notice rolls requiring eyes), Smoker (-1 skill to Running rolls when running for more than 1 round), Fragile Ego (-1 skill to your second roll while bumbling), etc.
  • Major Flaw - These flaws are, obviously, much worse then the Minor version. You don't have to take a Major Flaw, but if you do you gain an extra point to put into your attributes (which come later). Examples: Clumsy (drop any held item when you fail a roll), Unlucky (lose ties instead of winning them), Paranoid (take 1 extra damage from Jump Scares), etc.
Next we get to your attributes, which are:

Used for strength of actions.
Used to understand the physical

Used for strength of body.
Used to notice things quickly.


Used to do things quickly. 
Used to understand the emotional

These determine how many dice you will roll, and they all start at 2. You may notice they are broken into columns / pairs. You will then get 4 points to spend in each column / pair.
So you will have 4 points to spend between Vigor and Thinking, 4 to spend between Vitality and Perception, and 4 to spend between Reaction and Feeling.

You then add together all physical attributes (Vigor, Vitality, Reaction) to form your Endurance Pool. This is what takes damage when you are attacked.
You then add together all mental attributes (Thinking, Perception, Feeling) to form your Willpower Pool. This is what takes damage when you are scared.


After that you will get a number of points (plus some extra from Flaws) to spend in Skills. Skills determine what dice you roll when you use that skill. See the Dice Mechanics update for more details.
Certain skills also give you extra bonuses, like a new Language every point, or a new spell every two points.
If your skill is locked (from your Archetype) you must spend 1 skill point to unlock it before you can put any more points into it. 


After that you get Contacts. These are the important people in your life, the ones you can trust and the ones most likely to help you if you come to them screaming about some kind of tree centaur trying to kill you. Each contact get's a skill, at d10, that they are good at but their dice pools are always considered 4. 
If your character is more of a loner or outcast you can choose to not take any number of contacts, gaining a skill point for each contact ignored. However, sometimes you need that social network to bail you out of a jam.
The other reason to take contacts are as "extra lives." If your character is killed you can easily make a new character based on your Contacts and quickly get back into the game.
Assuming the Horror hasn't killed your contacts already, of course.

Then we get to the bottom where you have any weapons and items you are carrying, and in the final version there will be spots for Discoveries Learned and Spells Known. The final character sheet might end up being two pages.


And that's about it. As the game is more about skills, discovery, and role playing you don't have any crazy combat maneuvers or strange abilities. The closest you will come to that is spells, but the spells known by a human witch are much lower tier then the spells known by a Horror. I'll go into those some other update.

We are less then a week before launch, I hope you all are as hyped as I am. 
If you haven't seen it yet, here is a preview of the cover (the final will be in color).

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