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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vehicles, Mutants, and Psychic Powers

Vehicles, Mutants, and Psychic Powers

One of the things I wanted to add in this supplement was vehicles, for both Earth and Mars. Vehicles will be built much like you would an Exosuit, granting higher max Abilities, Upgrades, and Structure Capacity to the driver. There will be some big differences between an Exosuit and a Vehicle though.
  • Vehicles can hold multiple passengers. Every vehicle starts with a seating capacity of 2, but this can be upgraded to multiple levels, holding up to 10 people in a single vehicle. Transport people, or just make an armored transport people can fire out of. 
  • Vehicles can be autonomous. With the Support Unit A.I. upgrade, your vehicle gains the use of skills and can act independently of it's drive like a Support Unit could. Alternatively, you will be able to upgrade your Support Unit to have seating capacity.
  • Vehicles are much more varied then Exosuits. Cars, boats, and planes of all shapes are easy, but why not go crazier. Make a motorcycle that can drive up walls with All Surface Movement. Make a cheap hover board by just giving a vehicle Limited Flight. Head to Mars yourself by giving a vehicle the new, and expensive, Unlimited Space Flight upgrade.

Genetically Modified Human
Just because robotics and cybernetics are prevalent in the 22nd century, that doesn't mean that genetic modification technology hasn't also advanced. First starting with genetically modified crops designed to withstand drought and harsh weather, then moving on to people in order to cure genetic disorders and aggressive forms of cancer. It wasn't until Mars, with it's loose regulations and laws, that the technology was used to try to make humans "better." The technology isn't perfect, but it's getting there.

Genetically Modified Human is a Designation available at character creation, just like Android, Cyborg, or even normal Human. G.M.H.'s can look like a normal Human, but are generally tougher, healthier, and better looking then regular people. They start with 100 Core Capacity instead of the normal Human 50, and they can even take upgrades that have Core Drain, but with a cost.
Whenever a G.M.H. takes an upgrade with Core Drain they instead gain an amount of permanent corruption equal to half the core drain (rounded up). These corruption points can never be removed and can drive a G.M.H. crazy and violent if they take too much. Because of this, G.M.H. "mutants" can be shunned if their upgrades can't be easily hidden.

The Martian Born
As the colonization of Mars enters it's twentieth year there are a number of people just entering adulthood who were born on Mars. Although very much still human these people's bodies have adjusted better to Mars and tend to be be tall and lanky, and with a small percentage of them exhibiting near peak human senses. Some have said that these Martian Born are developing psychic powers, but most don't believe that. Sure the Martian Born seem to be able to see farther and react much quicker then other humans, but that can't be the start of anything crazy like psychic powers... could it?

Martian Born is an upgrade available to Humans at character creation or Genetically Modified Humans at any time. Although the upgrade itself doesn't do much, it does allow access to a whole tree of new upgrades only available to Martian Born. I don't want to give too much away right now, but the early upgrades will allow you to add your Increased Perception level into your attacks, defenses, and even your Mecha Piloting skill. 

And that's it for this week.
Next week, probably a surprise for Mars, then after that back to Directive: Invasion!

If you have any topics you would like me to talk about, be sure to let me know. 

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