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Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Favorite Mars Upgrades

In my attempt to get back to blogging this will be an easy one.

My Favorite Upgrades in Mars

Support Intelligence  30 CP, Vehicle, Exosuit, or Mecha only.
The vehicle, exosuit, or mecha gains the same limited artificial intelligence that a support unit has, allowing it to act on orders it’s given. Anything with a Support Intelligence gains one Combat Skill of your choice at Lv 40, and can be upgraded just like any character with your CP. While not being controlled, it can take it’s own General and Combat actions. 
This literally makes your Vehicle, Exosuit, or Mecha into a Support Unit. Be like Batman and have your car answer to your ever call, or get out of your Exosuit and have it continue to fight.

            Facial Shifting  25 CP per level (max 2). 10 Core Drain. 
You may shift your facial features as a full action, changing eye color, nose shape, and more until you look like a completely different person. At level 2 you can use this to look exactly like any person you have scanned with Combat Analysis.
For your more stealth-focused characters.

Forensics Analysis 35 CP.  
Can use Combat Analysis on a human corpse, android shell, or the scene of a battle to determine the power level, element, and enhancements used. 
For when you want to be cybernetic Sherlock Holmes.

Portable Upgrade  +5 CP per 5 Core Drain of Upgrade.
Pick an Upgrade, it loses it’s Core Drain (and thus can be taken by humans). However the upgrade is now a physical item and can be destroyed and easily seen without a combat analysis roll.
This is an upgrade mostly for Human characters who really wanted an upgrade with Core Drain. The best use for it? Unlimited Flight jet packs, of course. 

Lets just take a few minutes to enjoy the fact that personal jetpacks exist in a way that we would actually want them. Only flying cars are left on the "this is the future" checklist. 

Every Martian Born Upgrade
These are only available to humans who were born on Mars (or humans who were genetically modified), and they give the character pseudo-psychic powers. They aren't anything big, you wont be flying or shooting mind beams, but you will be able to react to threats faster and speak to other Martian Born with your minds.
Martian Born humans are fairly rare and very new, with the oldest being in their late twenties, so the limits of psychic abilities are yet to be tapped.

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