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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Horror Archetypes

Horrors will have a list of pre-made, classic, monsters and slashers however the GM will also be able to build his own custom Horror to terrorize his players. The Horror is built from the ground up, giving the Horror different traits, weaknesses, and targets. And this all begins by picking an Archetype.

A horror archetype gives a basic form to the Horror along with a number of bonuses and a free trait. Choosing an archetype is an important decision as it will shape the exact tone of your game.

  • Cryptid
Cryptids are creatures that might actually be a natural part of this world, if we could ever actually find one. These beasts are wild and powerful, and like any wild animal you do not want one angry with you.
Notable Examples: Big Foot, Nessie
Bonuses: Very High speed
Starting Trait: Supernatural (upgrade to all dice rolled)

  • Cursed
Cursed Horrors were once something else, perhaps even something human, but not anymore. They have been either changed, or maybe given life, and now they are out for blood.
Notable Examples: Chucky, most Werewolves
Bonuses: Low Speed, +1 Perception
Starting Trait: Pursuit (No matter how fast someone runs the Horrors can always stay within visible range)
  • Immortal
Immortal Horrors can't die, at least not in any sense we understand. These monsters might already be dead, or maybe death just overlooks them, but however they work they won't be brought down with a bullet. You will need to find a way to trap, banish, or maybe just appease this kind of Horror in order to make it stop.
Notable Examples: The Mummy, most Ghosts
Bonuses: Average Speed, +1 Willpower
Starting Trait: Far Reach (Bonus to the magical effects known as Jump Scares)
  • Magical
Witches, sorcerers, and necromancers are more common then you think. These Magical Horrors are able to draw on ancient powers to bend reality to their will. But their power isn't exclusive, and perhaps you can tap into it yourself if you can find the right book.
Notable Examples: The Craft, Mr Dark (Something Wicked This Way Comes)
Bonuses: Low Speed, +1 Thinking
Starting Trait: Magic User (duh)
  • Maniac
Maniac Horrors aren't beasts or hellspawn, but they are most definitely monsters. With knife, or ax, or even chainsaw, these humans turn on their own kind and slaughter with abandon. Who knows what dark whispers drive them forward.
Notable Examples: Leather Face, Micheal Meyers
Bonuses: High Speed, +1 Reaction
Starting Trait: Human Form (the ability to look human, or even change your human form)
  • Otherworldly
These... things... are the least human, both in appearance and in mindset. What they are and where they came from are questions that might not have any answers, or perhaps the answers are worse than the questions. No matter what they truly are, Otherworldly Horrors are as dangerous as they are intelligent.
Notable Examples: Cthulhu, Slenderman
Bonuses; Average Speed, +1 Feeling
Starting Trait: Cultists or Chosen (either several weak followers, or one strong follower)
  • Undead
All things that live will one day die, but some things that die return to life. These are Undead Horrors, and in their new life they find new power and new purpose. Unfortunately, unlife is hard to maintain, and usually requires sacrifices from those currently alive.
Notable Examples: Frankenstein's Monster, most Vampires
Bonuses: Low Speed, +1 Vitality
Starting Trait: Invulnerable (takes no damage from attacks that aren't it's Weakness)
  • Unholy
Demons exist in most cultures, and the worst of them are the ones that can take a human form, either by itself or forcefully. Unholy Horrors come from other realms that make contact with Earth; realms of nightmares, pain, and suffering.
Notable Examples: Damien Thorn, Pazuzu
Bonuses: Average Speed, +1 Vigor
Starting Trait: Hungers for Flesh (heals when it damages someone)
  •  Unnatural
Unnatural Horrors are similar to the Cursed, but were never human. Perhaps they were once something natural, but now they are twisted and terrible. Something created for a purpose, but most often created by accident, these monsters with fight and claw to figure out their place in the world.
Notable Examples: Gremlins, Sharktopus
Bonuses: High Speed, +1 Endurance
Starting Trait: Natural Weapons (teeth, claws, horns)
  • Viral
Viral Horrors may be the most dangerous, as the longer they take to put down the larger in number they grow. Most of these abominations have to kill their targets to procreate, but once they do the dead rise up as new horrors. If you are lucky you can kill the first Horror and the rest will die with them.
Notable Examples: Slither, Zombies
Bonuses: Low Speed, +1 Targets
Starting Trait: Infectious (those killed by the Horror rise as Lesser Horrors)

And there are your choices. Next we will probably go more in depth with the available horror traits. 

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