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Friday, February 19, 2016

Which sounds more interesting to you?

As I mentioned in my last blog, I have a couple of new RPG ideas I'm mulling over.
Now, to be a little more clear, I actually have a ton of RPG ideas i'm planning. There are all the supplements for my already existing games. There is a fantasy RPG that i'm writing an entire novel's worth of backstory for so it's a complete world. There is also both Robotic Age second edition and code name "Robotic Age 2.0", which are different projects.

But most of those need more work and are a ways off. Today I will talk about my current projects, one of them will be my next kickstarter. And I want your opinion.

Both of the following games are in the same state of progress. Either one could be built into it's first playtest in a month, but it would require putting the other one aside so I don't cross any wires (mentally) while working.

Go to after reading the descriptions to vote on which idea sounds best to you.

Game 1: Directive: Survival [working title]

This game is set in the same universe as my board game, Directive: Invasion! Aliens invaded Earth, destroyed cities and landscapes, changing the environment to be more like their home-worlds, and uplifted humans into alien-human hybrids to be their perfect soldiers.
Then the war ended. The aliens, out of resources and time, retreated back into space and left the Earth in a mangled state. It is now twenty years later and humanity, or what's left of it, struggles to rebuild society.

Directive: Survival [again, working title] is a tough and deadly game where alien-human hybrids fight over a post-apocalyptic world for food and alien technology.

Game Features

  • Play as an uplifted alien-human hybrid, or even the rare pure-bred human.
  • Focus on survival as you keep track of your characters food, stamina, and injuries.
  • Explore and settle the new Earth. Find new or lost land masses and build a home where you can survive.
  • Discover alien tech left behind from the war and use it to protect your own or to take what you want.
  • Fight bandits, raiders, desperate survivors, autonomous alien war machines, and an invasive alien species that never truly left.

Game-play Mechanic (in a nut shell)

Resource Management.
Rather than dice your character will generate a number of Effort Points and will put this effort into skills. Skills will double, triple, or even quadruple (depending on mastery) the effort put into them. Tasks will require an amount of effort to succeed, so the more skilled character will need less Effort than the unskilled character.
This is intended to make combat and social challenges as much about resource management as the rest of the game is. 

Game 2: Charlatan, The Amazing and Astounding RPG

In the early 1900s magic and mysticism were all the rage. Seances were all the rage amusing the most elite and wealthy, palm readings could be done in almost every city, and stage magicians performed to packed theaters across America and Europe. Mark your cards, fill your top hat, and check your rigging as you take your skills out into the world.

Charlatan is a game where people play various stage performers, magicians, and mediums in a world dying to see more. Being a beloved magician opens a lot of doors to fame and fortune, but also allows access into back rooms with world leaders, into hidden rooms with secret societies, or even into loosely guarded vaults full of treasure. It doesn't matter if your magic is real, you just have to convince others that it's real enough to get the job done.

Game Features

  • Play as various performers, from Illusionists and Mediums, to Stage Cowboys and Acrobats.
  • Talk, Trick, and Sneak your way through encounters where Combat is the last option.
  • Light Steampunk and Magical elements allows you to utilize Tesla Coils or Ghosts to your advantage.
  • Lots of campaign options, allowing you to rob banks, fight cults, spy on pre-WWI governments, or just give a good show.

Game-play Mechanic (in a nut shell)

Play with a suit of cards (Ace, 2, 3, etc) and draw a number of cards based on your skill level. You only get to play one each challenge, but luckily you can unlock several Sleight of Hand abilities that allow you to shuffle, cut, redraw, or even keep a card up your sleeve for when you need it. You are a magician, after all.


Those those are my two ideas.
Please go to the below link to vote on which game sounds more fun to you. Both will (probably) get made, I just want your opinion on which one I should focus on.

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