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Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Robotic Age Errata

It's a long time coming, but there is now an errata for The Robotic Age.

The Robotic Age Errata 1.1

Below I will talk about the two biggest changes.

Opposed Rolls

This is covered in the Mars supplement, but if you haven't picked that up yet then it's also here and gives me a chance to talk about it.

As mentioned, the Classic Way to do opposed rolls is defender has the advantage. As long as they succeed the roll, they win, no matter how well the attacker rolled.
The system is designed around this, and is why your Dodge and Deflect skill decreases each time you use it in a round. It keeps the game fast even when there is a ton of shots going off.

Then, as the book was getting finished I showed it to a bunch of people as one last look through. One person, who had several games under his name at that point, thought it was too simple. He suggested the version currently in the book as an alternative.

I wasn't sure, but I was new and I trusted his judgement so I put it in the book before I could properly test it. Weeks later and I regretted it. It didn't feel like the same game anymore. So now I have a way to get the real way out to everyone.

Abilities and the Baseline

This one is a more direct mess up on my part. I was too close to the system and didn't realize that I hadn't explained how these work with the other rules.
Abilities are supposed to have 2 uses, a listed effect and a skill to roll. The effects work exactly as they are listed while the roll is used to surpass those effects. This lets you go over the top while you make rolls to lift cars, jump between buildings, scan for invisible targets.

Of course it's not written that way. Sure, it mentions they can be rolled but it's never clarified and there are no examples.

I'm planning a 2.0 version of the game where both these things are better explained and have plenty of examples, that way everyone is on the same page. 

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