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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Player Actions Directive: Invasion

While playing Directive: Invasion each player gets a Mother Ship Board, giving details about your species' attributes, ability, and different actions your mother ship can take each turn. Lets look at the mother ship for the Greys.

Starting from the top right you've got a picture of the alien species mother ship and their name (or, at least, what humans call them).


Right below the species name is that species special ability. All species have one and they effect how that species plays. The Grey, as per the example, have the ability to teleport and cross large amounts of distance.

Next one down is a visible representation of that species combat attributes, telling you the speed, attack power, and defensive capabilities of that species' troops and outposts. For the record, two is average.

Available Power
Going to the top left, Available Power. Your mother ship can only preform so many actions per turn and that is represented by it's available power. Each power is one action and at the start of the game each species starts with three. The fourth one becomes available later.

These are the actions your mother ship has available. When you preform an action move an Power marker from Available Power to an open space next to that action. If there are no open spaces then that action can't be preformed again even if you still have available power.
Ever species has access to the same actions.
Ally or Oppress
This allows you to temporarily ally or oppress the humans of Earth. This may give you an advantage in a later round, or will make the human resistance immediately attack you and all other aliens. Knowing when to do either is very important.
This action allows you to fire your strongest on-board weapon. This weapon levels cities, flattens mountains, and evaporates lakes. However, due to centuries of interstellar war, each troop and outpost is equip with a disruption beacon making them untargetable by this weapon.
This action allows your mother ship to seed open land and change it to be more like their home planet. Bio engineered crystals grow on the spot and take on the attributes of any natural resource they are next to, becoming strange crystal forests or solid rivers.
Build Assets
This action allows you to either build an Outpost or a Troop somewhere on Earth. When you build an Outpost, it launches from the mother ship and embeds itself anywhere on Earth. Outposts on natural resources will begin harvesting the planet, while Outposts in cities will be able to process the local population into warriors ready to fight and die for our cause. Why use our own people when a human, after getting a mind probe and some genetic enhancements, works just as well.
Move Troops
When you power this action all your Troops currently on Earth will get to move their speed, spreading out to capture monuments and to destroy enemy outposts.

At certain points in the game you will have opportunities to upgrade the mother ship to better suit the current battle. Some upgrades will allow new actions, some will allow more uses of current actions, and some will grant new abilities. Just remember, you only have 2 slots for upgrades, and not all upgrades are the same size.

At the very bottom is a place for your supplies. Only so many Troops and Outposts are available each game, and if your supply is empty you cannot build any more of that asset. Troops and Outposts that are destroyed are returned to the supply. You also have room to store the crystals, known as Combat Credits, you earn by destroying enemy Troops and Outposts. Combat Credits are bonus points at the end of the game, but can also be used to power some of the largest upgrades.

Next week, Directive: Invasion scoring and the human resistance.

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