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Friday, September 26, 2014

Fiction: The Goddess

Sorry for this one being a day late, Wednesday and Thursday just flew by me. Lots of work happening on all the projects over here.

So today I present some of my original fiction after the jump cut. More game stuff next week.

The Goddess
He grumbled as he pulled stone after stone free. The pain in his muscles told him he wasn’t as young as he used to be. He wouldn’t let that slow him down, and he wouldn’t let someone younger and stronger than him make his discovery. He had to do this himself. And he hoped that he wasn’t wrong.
 The legends said that the gods were buried deep underground in grand temples and their bodies were tended to every day by their servants. But his research led him to a small hill in an open field. He was sure there couldn’t be a way to house a palace here, even if it underground. But if there was nothing here, then no one accurately recorded the resting place of the goddess of beauty and light.
And if her resting place was wrong, then all the others would be wrong too.
With spade in hand, he moved dirt and rocks for half a day before he hit a hollow section of the earth and dim light emanating from the hole. He breathed a sigh of relief and redoubled his efforts. Even after hours of digging he still had to crawl through the entrance he made, pulling his bag behind him. As he cleared the hole he tumbled a couple of feet safely into a pile of dirt and mush.
            There were other, similar piles scattered around the cave, filling the air with a putrid smell. He pulled his kerchief down over his nose, fully aware that it was in vain, as he brushed the mush off of him. A few torches lined the walls; still burning after a hundred years thanks to what remained of the goddess’ magic. In the light, the piles of mush looked like they were once elaborate bouquets of flowers and fruits. He figured that when the cave was sealed they must have been preserved, but a hundred years takes its toll on everything.
The cave was small, just about the size of the single room shack he called home, and most of it was taken up by the altar. It stood only a few feet away, made of plated gold and ivory, arching from the floor to the ceiling and back down. At the center, standing tall and perfect, was the stone remains of the goddess and he couldn’t help but stare in awe at the breathtaking statue. Most people think the gods abandoned them a century ago, but any decent scholar would know that they had been turned to stone. Of course, not many would know why it happened.
He could feel his heart beating in his chest as he approached the altar. The goddess was certainly as beautiful as he expected. Her hair was long, her curves were distinct and her skin was smooth, except for the diamond shaped hole in her cheek. She stood, hands grasping each other, with a look of peace on her face. He kneeled in front of her and recited a short prayer. It felt only right.
He sat down his bag and pulled out the items he needed. First, he lit a torch for himself, and set it up with a stand so he wouldn’t have to hold it. Next he retrieved an oak box, only a little smaller then the width of his chest, and a small bronze key. He took a long breath and steadied his hand before unlocking the box.
He carefully retrieved the gem from inside and raised it up to his eye. It sparkled with an inner glow. He went through five years of false leads and treacherous exploration to find that diamond, and if he dropped it now his entire life’s work would be for nothing. Slowly he positioned it in front of the goddess’ cheek, and with one swift motion he pushed it into place.
Golden light erupted from the statue, engulfing the entire cave. He had to grab hold of the altar just so the radiance didn’t knock him off his feet. He closed his eyes to shield them but he could still feel the warmth coming from the goddess as the jewel made her whole once again. The light receded after a few moments, and as he opened his eyes the goddess smiled at him.
After a hundred years, the goddess of light and beauty was alive once again.
The goddess, with her beautiful smile, took a moment to survey her surroundings. It was all the time he needed. The blade moved from the box to the goddess’ heart in a flash. With its hilt carved from the bones of the goddess’ head priest and the blade being a shard from the goddess’ personal mirror, it was the only weapon that could pierce her flesh.
It just couldn’t pierce stone.
The goddess gasped in shock and stumbled back. She didn’t have the energy to scream. The color in her body raced towards the blade, leaving her extremities the darkest black. In an instant the blade had absorbed all of her color, leaving her with the appearance of the most beautiful shadow in the world. The blade fell free and shattered on the altar floor as her body lost solidity. The goddess was barely visible now as her form faded into the darkness.
The torches lining the room immediately went out, leaving the one he set up the only light in the cave. The cave felt colder now, and he was glad he had thought to wear his winter coat. He closed his box, placed it back into his pack and proceeded to leave through the hole he dug.
He was saddened by the fact he lost the blade, but he knew he would have to replace it anyways. It wouldn’t have worked on the other gods. Their blades would take time to make, but now he knew they would work. And it would seem easy now that he had collected all the gems. He felt like whistling as he pulled himself back outside.

That was one god down, only five more to go.

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