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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Things to fix next kickstarter

Mistakes I Made This Last Kickstarter

So the Mars kickstarter didn't make it, although it came close and got a bunch of backers. I'm going to make a few changes and try again next year. I started realizing mistakes I had made after the first week, and I'm not going to do that again, I hope.

#1 - The kickstarter was for the fans, not everybody.

The kickstarter was written for fans to back the project, but not for new people. It talked briefly on the core game and then entirely about the new stuff. I even got people wanting to pick up the core game with this kickstarter and my response was "Eh, I'll put the drive thru copies on sale."
Big mistake.

#2 - The goal was too high

So when I was planning the first game I found an artist I really liked. The problem was his rates were higher then the others, but in the end I decided I loved his art enough to pay more. After the first kickstarter was over I actually payed some of my own money to put a couple more pieces in the game where I felt they were necessary.
So when I planned out this one I planned for the higher art costs, but after I messaged him it turned out he lowered his rates. I could now get more art for less and almost (ALMOST) lowered the kickstarter goal right then. But I decided to keep it. I figured I could use the extra money for more art, or to cover some of the international shipping fees.  I was too confident in that higher goal.

#3 - Surprise Kickstarter

If you have been following this blog since the beginning you would know I actually wanted Directive to go up before Mars. I was sure I could have everything ready for it by october and when that didn't happen I delayed it. With October open, and Mars practically done, I figured why not and put Mars up.
I think I gave everyone a weeks notice, barely any time, almost no hype, no time for people to save up.  Terrible idea. 


There were a few other problems I want to fix, but those were definitely the big three. It's time to learn and do things better next time. 

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