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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Directive: Invasion! Map Tiles

Unlike other 4x games, Directive doesn't randomly distribute it's map tiles, but instead allows players to place them one after another.
This means you can try to set the terrain to your advantage, while your opponents are attempting to do the same.

Not Final Art

At the begining of the game every player is handed one Monument Tile, one Landing Tile, and a number of Terrain Tiles depending on how many players (more player = less tiles per player).

These tiles are played one at a time with the only rules being the Landing Tile goes last and that a tile must touch other tiles.

This means you get the chance to connect water tiles into long rivers and oceans, connect cities into sprawling metropolises, and make great plains. Or, conversely, you can try to break chains to deny advantages your opponents are trying to create. 

You can also create mountain ranges to impede movement.
Mountain Hex
Mountain Hexes are harder for your troops to cross, and are created whenever there are gaps in the world map. Just fill in any of these gaps with the supplied Mountain hexes.

Not Final Art

Although the tiles still have to touch another tile, its very easy to create large gaps while entire mountain ranges will be placed. Use this to block off easy access to valuable resources or to protect your Landing Tile from invaders. 

Your strategy begins even before the first turn in Directive: Invasion!


No new blog next week as it is Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone!

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