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Thursday, January 1, 2015

The plan for 2015 and beyond

Happy New Year everybody. With today's blog I want to talk about True In One's plans over the next year, and all they ways these plans can fail.

The Robotic Age: Mars is obviously the first up. The relaunch is officially scheduled for Monday, February 2nd. The Relaunch will have a lower goal, revised pledge tiers, and might even have a new reward for backers.
This one should go smoothly and with a quick turn around.

Directive: Invasion! would be next, with a hopeful launch in late second quarter of the year (Aka May-June). 

As a board game, this one requires a lot more set up, and my top priority is to get a prototype copy to a couple of the board game reviewers on youtube. Otherwise it's been playtested for over a year, its got some finished art and some temporary art, i've got quotes from a manufacturer, and I've got stretch goals planned.

My big worry is the higher initial goal this one will have to have. Not high for board games, it will actually be pretty reasonable for that, but it will be much higher than the original Robotic Age goal. It will need a lot of marketing, which isn't my strongest skill. 

However everyone I've told about the game have loved the concept, and everyone who's played it (including random people I grabbed at Cons) have enjoyed it. Those are the most important steps, I would think. 

Then, at the end of the year, I would love to get Horrors out the door. The hopeful launch date for this one is, of course, October

This one has a lot of conditions that need to go right to hit that launch date. It has to go through much more play testing over this next year and hopefully wont need too many revisions because of it. The others things that can delay it are Mars and Directive. Every problem and every delay Mars and Directive has will delay Horrors.

Honestly, as much as I would love to release Horrors in 2015, I am fully expecting for it to get delayed. But that's okay, I've learned delays make my games better. 

2016 and onward

2016 will likely be a less hectic year. All of it's releases will be dependent on how 2015 goes as they are pretty much all supplements and expansions. Here's a quick list of things you may see in 2016 and beyond.
  • Horrors, if it gets delayed.
  • The Robotic Age: Troubles In Two Worlds. 
  • Directive: Augmentation! / Retaliation! 
  • The announcement of a new Sci-Fi rpg.
  • The announcement of a new Fantasy rpg.
  • The announcement for a stand-alone Robotic Age supplement. 
  • The announcement of a new card game.
  • Novellas? 

Lots of projects being worked on. Blame my constant ability to come up with new ideas as I try to finish previous ideas.

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