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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mars Fiction

Hey everyone, sorry I missed the last update. I've been a bit busy getting ready for the Mars relaunch on FEBRUARY 2ND and it slipped by me.

So today, how about a little preview of some of the fiction in Mars.

The Census

“And how many people, including Androids, Cyborgs, and Transhumans, does your settlement have?” 

                The android asked each question in a singluar, emotionless, tone that Johnathan was beginning to suspect was her only tone.  She wore a tan pantsuit with one sleve rolled up to her elbow, allowing access to a digital hologram keyboard projected onto her forearm. She had sharp facial features and her eyes were a dark grey, but that was probably a UV filter.

“Uh, thirty-eight I think,” Johnathan awnsered with a sigh. “Is this really nessisary? The others really need my help dismantling the settlement ship.” He looked back at the massive ship sitting in the center of what will be his new city. People who would be his neighbors and friends were stripping the ship apart, piece by piece, to use as building materials. Engines will become generators, tempature regulators will be repurposed, and large storage units will become hydroponic depots. Nothing of the ship would be wasted, as they had no plans of returning to earth.

“I’m sorry sir,” the android said while imputing the number into her keyboard, “but New Phoenix regulations requires a full census from each new settlement that lands within eight-hundred kilometers of it’s city limits or three-hundred kilometers from it’s territory limits. This cenus will help the city council better know you and your people, and will speed up in intigration process later.”

“Intigration process?! We haven’t agreed to anything like that!”

“Of course not, sir,” the android responded. “New Phoenix fully reconizes the sovrienty of all settlements, but offers it’s neigherbors the opportunity to join it’s ever growing territory. You do not need to answer now, but intigrated settlements become full citizens of the New Phoenix territory with all the perks as it’s local citizens.”


Riding the Rocks

            “Everybody listen up! The dust out here is bad for the voice modulator, so I don’t want to repeat myself.” 

            The crowd slowly stop its various conversations and collectivly looked up at the cyborg standing on the rock.

“All racers will start with your boards up at the ridge behind me here. On my word you will drop down and head for that far crater over there. On your way there you must past by and physically touch that boulder that looks like looks like a giant frog. Any questions.” 

             Marvin G raised his hover board in the air. “Yeah, what’s a frog?”

“What? Oh right, you're martian born. Well they were these green animals that lived in water on Earth… it doesn’t matter. You see what rock I’m pointing to right? That one. Any other questions?”

Marvin K raised his board. “I don’t think we should let Vincent compete.” The crowd turned it’s collective eyes to Vincent.

“What? Why?” Vincent asked.

             “Because of… everything, man.” Marvin K stuggled to word his protest correctly. “Because you went on ‘vacation’ for a month and now your back and clearly got genetically modified.”

                “I… But… I don’t know what your talking about,” Vincent sputtered. 

                “Oh come on.” Someone from the crowd shouted.

                “It’s obvious.” Another voice said.

                “You show back up buff, tattooed, and six inches taller and you think we wouldn’t notice?” Marvin K threw in.

                [ TO BE CONTINUED]

Ruben and Tiny

“Okay that should be the last of the dust around the primary core clusters,” Ruben shouted from halfway inside the mecha’s access panel.

He heard two quick yips of acknowledgement as the response.

“ We really need to upgrade your filtration system. I should have known that junk we bought from Duke’s boys wouldn’t keep the dust out.” Ruben pulled himself out of the mecha’s guts, his multi-tool arm cycling itself back to neutral, and took a few steps back. “Alright Tiny, how about you start up those new body upgrades and we will see if everything is installed correctly.”

The mecha came to life as its lights began to flash, it’s motors began to run, and various panels opened and shifted. The animation stopped almost as soon as it begun and the whine of a wounded dog emanated from the giant robot.

“Ugh, great,” Ruben sighed. “Tiny you can enable speech but only at volume level four. What’s wrong?”

“LEFT. ANCHOR. MALFUNCTION.” The mecha announced in a monotone voice that echoed throughout the shop. 

             “Damnit I meant level two! Speech volume level two, Tiny!”

               “Inadiquate. Power. In. Counter Measures. System.” The mecha continued, a bit quieter this time. "Possible. Short. In. Power System."

              [ TO BE CONTINUED]


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