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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Directive: Invasion! Finished Prototypes

Last weekend I was at Phoenix ComiCon running games of Robotic Age and Directive: Invasion!

People at the con were the first to see the finished prototype pieces for Directive, but now you all get to be the second.

These game pieces are the closest they will be to finished until the game actually funds. Even then, things just get cleaned up, not really changed.

So the box contents are:

  • First Player Marker
  • Timer Board
  • 6+ Mothership Boards
  • 6 Directive Tiles
  • 12 Terrain Tiles
  • 6 Monument Tiles
  • 6+ Landing Zone Tiles
  • 6 Combat Dice
  • 28 Resistance Cards
  • 24 Mountain / Xenoform Hexes
  • 36 Alien Outposts (6 per player)
  • 42 Uplifted Troops (7 per player)
  • 24 Power Tokens (4 per player)
  • 36 Destroy Hexes (6 per player)
  • 12 double sided Upgrade Tiles (2 per player)
  • 6 double sided Big Upgrade Tiles (1 per player)
And that pre-stretch goals!

Here's how they look at game set up.

And here is end game, with a large chunk of the world being destroyed, xenoformed, or just taken over by strange alien outposts.

Zooming in a bit to get a better look at the destruction. Sorry for the blurriness, my phone camera isn't that good.


Everyone had a blast playing the game, and I finally won a match!
No seriously, this has been the first time in over a year of testing that I've actually won my own 

Anyways, I have a ton of stretch goals planned: Double sided terrain tiles, extra monument tiles that will be of specific monuments, MORE ALIENS, and of course some expansions. 
If you like 4X style games and want to take over Earth then you will have a blast with this game. 

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