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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Even More Mars Art

Who wants to see even more Mars art?

The early trials to genetically modify humans lead to some... unwanted results. Of course the lack of any formal oversight or regulation meant that scientists could try and try and try and try again. We now have a much more reliable GMH program and packs of crazed mutants wandering the martian landscape.

Gremlins. Horrible discarded drones and support intelligence's that have managed to form their broken mass into functional bodies. These creatures seek out each other along with other discarded and broken robotics in order to build hives and expand their numbers.

An environmentally sealed Exosuit designed to keep it's pilot safe in the martian wastelands. It's also got the Brace weapons upgrade, allowing it to take Mecha-level ordinance.

Some Support Unit dogs. I just think they are neat.


Not all the art is in yet, as I've been needing to pull teeth with this artist in order for him to get anything done. But things should be finishing up soon.

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