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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Backer Corporations on Mars

In the Mars campaign a few backers got to name and create the mega corporations on Mars.
We have 2 mecha manufacturers, a weapons designer, and the maker of cheap parts for just about anything.

Originally founded as Frosch Incorporated in 2056 by Dietrich Frosch, Mechatech has always been able to ride the waves of progress and adjust their business accordingly. Frosch Incorporated went from building cars to building androids in less than ten years. When World War III began in east asia they were ready to begin adding weapons to their android designs.
On Earth Frosch Incorporated is only known by wrench spinners and motor heads, but on Mars they go by the name Mechatech and they build every industrial mecha in use on the red planet.
Pyramid Three is the go to company for high priced recreational mecha. Founded by White-Chin, the 28 year old son of the billionaire founders of the Ultimate Robot Fighting League. P3's focus is on quality for anyone who can afford it, and their mecha are known to the fastest and with the most features. Their state of the art headquarters is equip to not only design and build their own mecha, but also mine their own supplies and houses their employees. 

Singley's Defense Systems is the martian leader in ready-to-print weapons. Their designs are functional directly out of the printer, leading to their motto "Print and Load." They design everything from handguns and knives, to turrets and mecha-level weaponry. The more complicated the design, the higher the price, but otherwise your only limitations are the size of your printer. 

Dead Rabbit Productions was originally an entertainment troupe struggling to bring entertainment to the people of Mars. They weren't very well received, and as they failed to find work they realized that most of their members consisted of employees at Sycamore Interplanetary, Mechatech, P3, and even Gleipnir Memory and Power. With their combined knowledge and skills they refocused into selling after market parts for just about anything. If you need a new part and you need it cheap, you need a Dead Rabbit.


Of course, you all should recognize these names from the first book.

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