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Friday, June 10, 2016

Pick Up Group
Number of Players: 3-5
Playtime: 30 Min
Ages: 10+

Lets talk about my new card game! 

For those of you unaware, a Pick Up Group, or PUG, is a random group of adventurers coming together to complete a raid or dungeon in an MMO
Generally this term is used in a negative way because the people you have to work with are of varied skill levels, have questionable social skills, and might actually hurt the group more then help it. If you can actually complete the dungeon with a PUG you usually don't want to see any of those people ever again. 
And now you can get all that in a card game!

Don't worry, it is fun.

Here we have the basic set up for Pick Up Group. As you can clearly tell this is an early prototype. No art, basic layouts, the bare minimum just to make sure the game play is fast and fun.
Expect everything pictured to change.

You get 9 randomly selected dungeons along with 3 stacks of adventurers you will draw from.
Everyone starts with Noob (green) adventurers, and when they run out everyone will draw some Vetran (blue) adventurers and when they are gone you get the Legends of the Server (purple).

Each dungeon requires your party to meet a specific power level (indicated by the burst icons) and requires you have to have a minimum number of Tanks, Healers, and DPS adventurers. 

If you meet the requirements you collect the Loot from that dungeon and it closes up. Once all the dungeons are closed (or you run out of adventurers) the game ends and whoever has the most loot wins.

Easy right?
Well, it is until you actually try to get those adventurers into your party. The Warrior, for example, will not stay in any party that does not have a healer. The Knight will not stay in a party with another tank stronger then him. The AFK counts towards your minimums but actually reduces your party's power level.
And that's before you get to cards that let you trade adventurers with other parties. 

Next week will we talk more about the specific game play and show off more of the cards.

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