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Thursday, October 2, 2014

The aliens of Directive: Invasion!

The galaxy holds countless worlds full of life, but there are only a dozen species that are capable of interstellar travel. Most species have trouble understanding their own cultural differences, let alone those from a completely different world. Because of this xenophobia, each species knows very little about each other and prefers to keep it that way.  

The Greys
This lanky species is said to have visited earth before, but there isn't a galactic quadrant this species hasn't visited. The masters of interstellar travel, the Greys’ ships are the fastest of all the species. They must have left for Earth after everyone else to not beat everyone here. 

The Bugs
The Bugs are the most numerous species in the galaxy and one of the most dangerous. Their mother ships are actually a Queen bug, who lands on a planet and begins laying eggs. Once they hatch the Bugs begin devouring the organic matter and gathering any life forms big enough as incubators for future eggs. Before long the bugs form a hive on the planet, growing their numbers and devouring everything in sight until a new queen is born who seeks out a planet of her own.

The Reptiles
This species is a master of mimicry and is able to alter their outward appearance at will. They use this ability to blend in with other species, making them perfect spies and the least trusted species in the galaxy. Although nothing special on their own they can infiltrate a location and use its strength as their own.  

The Hunters
This species thrives on war and battle. Each member is trained as a warrior from birth and dreams of bringing glory to its family through combat. They are some of the strongest warriors in the galaxy, but are so eager to fight they often leave their defenses open. Be warned though, their outposts are sure to be well guarded.

The Robots
Although calling them a species would be generous, the Robots are a collection of sentient beings. No one knows of the species that first created the Robots, but they are surely dead by now. Cold and calculating, the Robots seek raw materials to build new members of their collective and spread their reach to both ends of the galaxy.

 The Greens
The youngest of the interstellar species, the Greens are resourceful and intelligent but a bit late to the party. Anything the Greens have developed the other species would have known about for years. This has caused the Greens to become bitter and spiteful, ever trying to show that they are as strong as any of the other species.

Next week, more MARS!

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