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Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Rules for Mars

As you might expect there are a number of new rules in Mars. Some will be new upgrades, some will be only for vehicles and mecha, but a few are new rules that are universal. They apply to just about everyone and should even be included in regular Robotic Age games.

Click Read More for some preview universal rules you can use right now in your Robotic Age games. There might also be a surprise at the end...


 A character in Robotic Age may find his old upgrades becoming out of date or bland and may wish to swap them out for something new and exciting.
To retrofit, simply find a suitable mechanic or surgeon and pay 10%, rounded up, of the upgrades original cost (so a 30 cp upgrade would cost 3 cp to retrofit). The upgrade is removed from the character sheet and it's original cost (not including the Retrofit fee) is refunded. The character may now spend those character points like normal.
Humans and Cyborgs may retrofit any upgrade they have, while Androids, Transhumans, Support Units, Vehicles, and Mecha can retrofit upgrades, abilities, and even skills if they are brave enough to have someone tinker with their brains. Genetically Altered Humans cannot Retrofit.

Extended Range

An optional rule, GMs may allow ranged weapons to fire beyond their range, but with a cost.
A ranged weapon may lose a power level, for the duration of the attack, to double it's normal range and it may lose 2 power levels to triple it's normal range, etc. You can't go below Power Level 1 with this, because why would you want to?
So a Power Level 2 weapon with Range 10 can become Power Level 1 Range 20.
A Power Level 4 weapon with Range 10 can become  Power Level 3 Range 20, or go all the way with Power Level 1 Range 40.


In play testing.


In play testing.

Self Destruct

GM Only. [ Insert evil laugh now ]
I don't want to give you everything before the book is out.


It's surprise time! You get this cropped image without context. 

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