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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Third Game announcement!

As I mentioned before, I had planned to announce my third game about now, and with Halloween tomorrow this seems as good a time as ever.
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Coming 2015, Horrors: The Scary Story RPG. 

In Horrors, players are average people who find themselves in horror movie situations. Discover the truth, uncover the monster's weakness, and try not to die as you and your friends are hunted down by gm created Horrors.

That's right, in Horrors the GM is the guy in the mask and the players are the innocent campers. 

I am very excited about this one. This game is one of suspense and investigation WITHOUT requiring Cthulhu (or his wacky friends) to show up*. It's a game that uses my favorite horror tropes without resulting in playing a movie. It's a game where players struggle to keep their stats up while they try to figure out how to kill the monster.
* Cthulhu fans, don't worry, you can use Horrors as a Cthulhu game very easily. 

The GM will have full creative control over his Horror, with an amount of customization I hope you have come to expect from me. The PC's will have plenty of options too, of course, but the Horror rules are being designed so no two monsters are the same.
Art Preview
Games will be able to be played as short campaigns, 2-3 sessions where you try to survive and stop the horror, or much longer campaigns with multiple horrors (or one evolving one) as the players try to track down the source of the terrible secret behind the evils spilling into the world.

The game is in early play testing, but so far its a blast and should be ready for Halloween 2015

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