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Thursday, October 16, 2014

State of the Games

Short Version

  • Directive: Invasion delayed to early 2015
  • The Robotic Age: Mars kickstarter begins next week!
  • Third project will be announced in the Oct 30th blog.

Long Version


Due to multiple problems showing up at pretty much the 11th hour, the board game has been delayed to sometime early next year.
I was really hoping to launch it's kickstarter weeks ago, bringing in new eyes and more audience to my games, but the board game process is so much more involved than the RPG one. I knew it would be more work, that much is obvious, but I didn't expect the sheer number of cogs that need to be aligned for a board game to get made. Any problem that shows up can delay the entire process. (For example, been waiting for manufacture quotes for almost a month now). 
So the board game has been delayed to make sure I have everything I need to even launch the campaign. You will all be kept up to date when that happens.


So with Directive pushed back I have time for another kickstarter, that means Mars everybody!
Early art is done, the last of the new stuff is being playtested, I'll be writing the fiction once I post this, and I know I have plenty of fans waiting for this book. Unlike the board game, Mars has everything it needs to go up on kickstarter.
So how about we put it up sometime in the week of the 21st? Probably Tuesday, but we will see how it goes. 

Is there a specific add on or reward tier you want to see for Mars?  Patch? T-Shirt?  Please let me know!

[-------] : The [-----] [-----] RPG

The original plan for my mysterious third project was to announce it during Directive: Invasion when we approached the stretch goal related to it. The idea is that there will be two kickstarter exclusive alien races based on my other games. Robotic Age gets The Martian Born while this one... well... I don't think I want to spoil it quite yet, but you can get a preview of it's alien tile.
But, as I was going to reveal this game around this time I have decided that it's official announcement will be on this blog on Oct 30th. I'm really excited about this game and I think you all will like it as well. 

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